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Yoav reduces stress on doctors

Yoav Rahav, together with his friends from Dror Israel’s Educat

ors’ Community in Ashkelon and in partnership with the municipality’s youth department, are together running a sort of child care center for dozens of children of essential workers at the Barzilai Medical Center.

“We are there to give the children a normal routine of chil

dhood,” Yoav says. “Their parents are waging a very difficult battle. Yesterday, I was on a Magen David Adom shift and the emergency room felt like a pressure cooker. We want to reduce that kind of stress on the parents.”

The Ashkelon municipality established a few additional centers for child care for children of essential workers in the city. “Most of the members of the educators’ community are working as counselors at the child care centers right now,” says Avichai. “It feels good to know that in these bizarre times, together with the children we can get away from it all for half a day and create a bit of different reality.”


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