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 Designed by award-winning 

 Israeli architect Eden Bar* ​

The Dror Eshbal expansion is comprised of two 6,500 square-foot buildings designed by award-winning Israeli architect Eden Bar. Bar Levi Dayan Architects is one of the most prominent firms in community planning with three decades of experience designing spaces for the unique and complex Israeli landscape. Bar’s diverse team takes a holistic view of the project with a deep understanding of the inherent opportunities and challenges related to schools, youth and community centers, kibbutzim, and educational campuses.

*Dror Eshbal acknowledges the generosity of Eden Bar

for services provided at a reduced fee.

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 Unique Architectural Design 


The planning process for this project began three years ago in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing, Israel Lands Administration, and other leaders in the fields of education and community. Throughout, the focus has been to ensure the needs of the educating community are fully satisfied while respecting the terrain and protecting the environment. 


The outcome is a unique design of spaces that will support robust community life and achievement of our educational mission. The new center will be located on the southern side of the existing Kibbutz Eshbal.

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