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Our Students Expand Production of Protective Gear for Israel’s Medical Staff

Students in Dror Israel’s network of seven schools are joining their peers at Dror Galil to take proactive action in the fight against the Covid-19.

At Dror Galil – High School of the Future – we seek to educate our students towards connecting their personal success to the success of their society.

Our project-based learning methods involve solving real life problems and has been working since its inception to find solutions to the problems challenging Israel’s north, with its diverse population of Jews, Arabs and Druze.

The coronavirus crisis found our school ready and willing to assist with the proper physical infrastructure and human ingenuity.

By the second week of the lockdown, with schools cancelled, Dror Galil’s students refused to twiddle their thumbs at home. They received special approval to join their teachers and return to school under strict health and safety guidelines. There, using the school’s hi-tech maker space and operating 3D printers and laser cutters, they began producing protective equipment for healthcare workers. Demand for the equipment keeps growing, and our students intend to help meet it.

Last week, the Israeli Ministry of Education decided to return 11th and 12th grades (as well as 1st-3rd grades) to school. Though 4th-10th grades have not yet returned, they are expected to soon, and other high school students from Dror Israel’s network of seven schools are eager to help their friends at Dror Galil, who have been working hard for the past seven weeks at this crucial mission of national importance.

Students and teachers throughout Dror Israel's network of seven schools have decided to take on two national projects:

· Manufacturing protective gear – expanding Dror Galil’s operation to three additional schools for at-risk youth in the north.

· Agricultural work – helping farmers, moshavim and kibbutzim who don’t currently have the human resources to tend their fields and pick and pack produce, which might otherwise go to ruin and waste, with the subsequent financial consequences for the famers and Israel’s agricultural industry, as well as the country’s food sources.

Our students are committed to doing what they can to help in the fight against the coronavirus, together with all of Israeli society.

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