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Keren and Haifa's Volunteers Doing Whatever Needs to be Done

“There’s something in this code of enlistment and mobilization for “whatever is needed” which raises spirits and is always moving, especially during times of national emergency. When I see all of the volunteers working recently, everyone doing what they can, it gives me hope (the State’s role is a topic for a different post). And in Dror Israel, for all of the members and participants, there’s something deep that wants to take part and build society.

During the Second Lebanon War (2006), while we established summer camps for kids from the north, Keren Shagi – a Dror Israel educator – met Daniel Georg, then 14 years old, in a shelter in Haifa’s Hadar neighborhood and invited him to one of the camps. This week, Keren met Daniel again on the streets of Hadar, today 28 years old. Again, Keren invited him to join, and this time to lead volunteers and mobilization. Daniel invited his friends and joined volunteers in the neighborhood distributing food and medication to senior citizens. Apparently there is something in the personal experience of mobilization that plants deep in you a love for others and your community – to receive and to give back.”

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