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Creative Protective Face Shields

Students from Kibbutz Ravid ordered on the internet clear plastic starps and rigid straps, and produced thousands of face shields which protect doctors against the virus. They are distributing them to hospital staff in Israel’s north.

Iris Lipshitz Klieger, Thursday, April 2, 2020, originaly posted on YEDIOT ACHRONOT

With schools closed and youth spending day after day at home, 30 students from Dror Galil High School on Kibbutz Ravid could not stay apathetic after learning about the shortage of protective equipment.

In online classes, they created face shields that protect against the virus. “When we read thatit’s precisely the medical staff who are fighting on the front lines that are exposed to infection because of a shortage of protective equipment, we decided to get to work,” says Eilam GalMishol, the school’s development director. “I talked to experts in the field, and we managed to design an archetype of a practical face shield and even create a small assembly line to product them at the school’s lab.”

The students ordered the simple raw materials from craft stores on the internet. The teachers went to the school’s lab and connected the straps to the clear plastic. 

The students said, “We looked for a model of a face shield that’s easy and cheap to produce, and would also meet the requirements. We were excited to see the final product. It was even more moving to see medical staff get our package.”

The youth have already provided 3,000 face shields to Padeh Poriya Hospital in Tiberias. Dr.Einav Asulin said, “The face shield is lightweight, efficient and comfortable to use. I was surprised to learn that it was created by students. The product of no lower quality than the face shields made by major global companies.”

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