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Celebrating Sukkot Under Lockdown in Our Day cares for Children of Critical Workers

Sukkot are popping up in Dror Israel’s day cares throughout the country!

Counselors in the day cares have had to find creative ways to organize the construction of a Sukkah, in order to properly observe the holiday with the children who are attending the day cares during the country-wide lockdown.

At Beilinson hospital in the central city of Petach Tikva, the Dror Israel counselors wanted to make sure that their day care would have a Sukkah. With the help of the local municipality, they got in touch with a group of teens from the local religious youth movements. The teens were volunteering throughout the city to help people build their sukkot. When they heard about Dror Israel’s day cares, they got to work arranging for the donation of a gently used Sukkah. They even came to the day care the night before the beginning of the holiday in order to construct it. The teens decorated the sukkah and left signs and cards for the kids to find when they arrived in the morning.

Throughout the country, creative thinking from counselors has allowed the children of healthcare workers to enjoy activities in their very own Sukkah.

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