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Former Minister of Education visit the Humanity, Society and Nature High school Midterm Exhibition

It’s that time of the year again when our high school students share their midterm projects with friends, family and the community, traditionally with large events and tours of the schools.

Last week we had the honor of hosting a delegation of important guests in the field of education and teacher training: Prof. Yuli Tamir, the current president of the Beit Berl college - one of the leading institutions in teacher training in Israel and former Minister of Education., Prof. Linoy Hadar head of program at Beit-Berl College and Mr. Jacob Hecht, the CEO of Education Cities.

The students shared their unique projects involving in educating in the community. Some projects helped creating innovative teaching methods for younger students using stories from the bible. Other projects are ongoing meetings with the community, volunteering with the elderly and preschools in the Karmiel community.

The midterm exhibiton is special because our teachers often join as spectators. Most of the tour is led by our proud students who share their experience working on the project and the connection they feel to the subject they were working on. Project based learning is a primary philosophy of eduction we use in our dream to create a better society.

We know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Want to learn more and see the real deal? Join us at the Virtual Tour we are hosting via Zoom on Sunday, Febuary 20th.

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